Monday, 14 February 2011

Fabric scraps pom pom bracelet tutorial

Here's another fabric scrap pom pom bracelet that I've made. i was emailed to ask if I could make a tutorial for it and it's takena little longer than planned but I've finally gotten round to it.
To make one of these you'll need the bits shown in the photo and a small scrap of felt.
1. Cut your piece of fabric into 4 equal strips. Put one to the side as this is for the pom pom later.
2. Put a dab of glue on the inside of the bracelet and adhere one end of the fabric to it. Wrap the fabric round, dab another blob of glue on and adhere the fabric.

3.Continue to do this till the whole bracelet is wrapped. (If you have a claps like my bracelet does then trial wrapping the fabric and opening/closing the bracelet before you glue it to make sure it works still)
4. Once the bracelet is fully wrapped glue the fabric end to the inside of the bracelet and trim off any excess fabric.

5. For the pom pom, take the spare fabric strip, cut it into 8 pieces then cut a circle from each roughly the same size.
6. Cut an equal size circle from the scrap of felt as well.

7. Dab a small blob of hot glue into the centre of a fabric circle.

8. Whilst the glue is still soft scrunch the fabric together, holding it at the glue blob till it dries.

9. Do the same with the remaining 7 fabric circles.
10. Glue one of the scrunched fabric circles to the centre of the felt circle.
11. Glue the other 7 scrunched fabric circles onto the felt so that none of the felt is visible, this completes the pom pom.
12. Glue the back of the felt and stick the pom pom onto the bracelet.
13. Trim any rough, uneven edges from the pom pom till it's even and tidy.
14. Put your bracelet on and wear with everything, then make one with every fabric scrap you have lol.
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Unknown said...

This is sooo adorable and I am loving the color! Thanks sooo much for sharing with the Pink hIppo Party!

Ashlee Marie said...

what a great color! And fun bracelet! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!