Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Judo Card Template

Yesterday I received an email from a lady in Denmark about the judo suit shaped card I made for an order ages ago.. apparently there isn't a template out there on the web for a card in this shape and she was asking if I could provide her with a template..

Here's the card to remind you all what it looks like..
So after a little doodling and fiddling with photoshop this morning I have managed to make a template  for this card and can share it with you all now. If anybody wants the template then the link to download it is here.

Please if you use this template do come back and share a link to your card so I can see how you all have used my design.


Kirsten said...

Thanks again Steph for sharing the tamplate with me, I have shared my card on my blog

Sandy said...

Thanks Steph for sharing. Not sure if I will make the card this week but will share the outcome.....hope it turns out as well as yours.

Unknown said...

Is this template still available? I would love to have it!!!