Monday 17 December 2018

New Alphabet Photography

This last year or so there's been 2 reasons to make some more alphabet photography presents... a baby and a wedding!

My best friend got married this August so of course I made her an alphabet photography of her new surname to commemorate the day. All photos taken by me on my travels, from the village next to us to New York for these images. Her and her husband are total plane geeks like us so I had to include an aircraft letter somewhere in their surname, a propellor Y was the perfect choice.
Seeing as we moved before I got this black frame made I had to search out a new framer. After a false start I found a cracking local, little framers a few villages over who managed to get this made up for me super fast and at a reasonable price.

Another friend had a little girl last November so I made her an alphabet photography for her bedroom. Managed to sneak in another aircraft letter using an exhaust for an O. The Y is from a propellor at USS Intrepid, New York.

Can't wait for the next opportunity to make some more as these are such cool gifts to give and so far everyone has totally loved them. 


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