Monday, 31 March 2008

First Exploding Box

Another new first time project started....this time it's an exploding box! So this project was meant to be on hold till when we moved, when i had no internet for a while but oh well it was far too tempting not to start after i went and bought all the papers tonight lol. Sadly i can't blog photos quite yet, as the recipient might see them, and they don't know they are getting this so it's a surpirse...shhh.... ;) now i just need to think of lots of lovely little bits to put in it and something for the lid :S i've mad the lid and the tag and cut the rest of the papers, well at least that's a start :)

champagne card

My project this afternoon has been to make a card for a friend who considers himself a bit of a connoisseur so this card seemed perfect for him. Never done a champagne bottle card before, but after having found this template last night Ithought I'd give it a go. So thanks to the card forum people on docrafts for responding so quickly to my queries on how on earth to do the label.. hopefully this card will be a hit with my friend when he opens it next monday :)
So what do you think of it?

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Most recent card

My most recent card, made yesterday. Made using ideas i found whilst google image searching as i never have inspiration for cards like sympathy as they are so awkward to design for. This is also my first attempt at using skeleton leaves, so I'm pretty impressed with the result, think this design might be what i use from now on and just change the colourscheme every now and again :)

Just starting out...

Just started out with this blog...will take a while to get myself sorted and get this page jazzed up :)