Friday, 31 December 2010

Mono top refashion

So it's not summer I know but I have a bunch of tanktops sitting a drawer just waiting to be refashioned to join ym summer wardrobe and I just never got round to doing them in time for 2010 so I'm preparing for 2011 lol.

I took a boring white tank from Primark (£1.50!) and made it much more interesting by adding some of my fabric scraps to it. I took all the bits of material that were black, white or grey and started cutting leave shapes from them (I saw this idea on someone's blog and can't for the life of me remember the link, so I'm sorry I've not credited for the idea). The stripy material used to be a scarf, the star pattern material was a tanktop that got too big for me and the rest are just scraps lying about in the drawer.
After much hand sewing, stabbing my fingers and achey fingers I got all the leaves sewn on in places I was happy with. So apart from the terrible photo where I blinded myself with the flash in the mirror I'm chuffed with the
result :)
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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Another glitter wreath

Finally got round to finishing my own wicker glittery wreath and after nabbing an idea from the heart shaped wreath I made the other week I got the perfect finishing touches for this one. I tried to keep it simple and originally it didn't have the glittery flowers but it just looked a bit bare and one-sided so after trip to hobbycraft was required! Although you can't see it the ribbon actually ahs 'merry christmas' written on it in gold caligraphy. The poor floor under this wreath is now covered in red glitter and shall be sparkling for months to come lol!
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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Bauble Wreath

I felt the need to make a bauble wreath after seeing so any lovely ones out there on everyone's blogs.. so now our house has a few wreaths but hey I'm sure I can find many places to hang them..
The one thing all the tutorials forget to mention is how fiddly, messy and infuriating the whole process is and after an hour of frustration glueing baubles on I spent another hour picking all the excess glue off lol.
Dread to think how many baubles I've used, I stopped counting after emptying the 4th box, though I was using quite small baubles compared to the majority of people so it's no surprise I needed so many. There was glitter everywhere, over my desk, the chair, the floor and now all down the stairs to the front door where it hangs now lol!

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Friday, 3 December 2010

Glittery wreath

Started the christmas craft work and thought I'd start with the biggies.. made mum's wreath as she fell in love with my wreath that I made (will blog that one later, but it needs a few extra bits now I've been to hobbycraft again today n got some extra bits lol).

I've used (oh how hobbycraft love me after my shopping sprees):
  • Heart shaped twig wreath
  • White snowflake ribbon (good ol' tesco deals)
  • Silver glitter poinsettas
  • Glittery pinecone decoration
  • Red berry decoration
  • Snowy twig decoration
  • Glue gun
  • Pebbles to counterbalance

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Saturday, 27 November 2010

My 1st tutorial!

Eeek here we go my first proper tutorial, been putting off writing one of these for so long coz I just didn't want someone to say 'oh well that just makes no sense at all?!?'. After browsing my way throught the anthropologie website last night I found so many things I wanted and like so many of you i thought I won't pay that much when I can make it for miles cheaper myself!

So here's what Anthro's version of the Bauble Bow necklace looks like...

Well there was no way I'd pay the £34 price tag when I had everything it's made from sitting next to me in my crafty bookcase. So i took to attacking my stash immediately...

Here's what you need:

  • 42 x 6mm glass pearl beads
  • 1 large decorative spacer bead
  • 2 medium decorative spacer beads
  • 2 decorative flat spacers
  • 4 small plain spacer beads
  • A silver/gold necklace chain
  • 2 headpins
  • 2 large jumprings
  • 2ft wire
  • wire cutters and good ol' needle pliers

Lets get started....

  1. Thread the medium spacers onto a headpin each, cut then form a loop.

2.Take the length of wire and form a loop at one end and connect it to the loop for the medium spacer.

3. Thread a flat spacer followed by 9 pearls onto the wire.

4. Then add a plain spacer, the large spacer and another plain spacer, this is the tail for one side of the bow done :)

5.Thread 14 pearls onto the wire and then add a small spacer.

6. Gently feed the wire through the hole of the large spacer bead to form on loop of the bow.

7. Now add a small spacer, 14 more pearls and another small spacer.

8. Feed the wire through the large spacer again and repeat step 7.

Now for the tricky bit, don't tug too hard or your wire will break like mine did 3 times...

9. Feed the wire back through the large spacer bead to complete the bow loop (you may at this point realise like i did that you need to widen the hole in the spacer and have to take the whole thing apart again d'oh!)

10. Thread the last 9 pearls onto the wire and add a flat spacer, gently pull the wire to tighten it, then for a closing loop and attach the other medium spacer on headpin. now you have a finished bow hooray!

11. Count in 5 pearls from the centre of the bow loop and attach a large jumpring for each side of the bow.

12. Attach the necklace chain to the jumpring and voila one finsihed bauble bow necklace for a fraction of the price!

Happy days! :)

Here's my finished version that cost me nothing as I recycled old broken bits of jewellery and used some leftovers from other projects...

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Friday, 19 November 2010

Skirt handbag

Been playing with the idea of making myself an unusual bag for a while and even with a broken sewing machine I still managed to make one that holds all my gear courtesy of my hand sewing :)
I used:
  • A kids skirt that I got in primark for 50p in the sale months ago
  • An old white tie to form the bag handles
  • 4 chunky pink buttons
  • Black zipper

Not an easy thing to handsew, or at least not with my limited/poor skills lol, but after many hours and stabbing my fingers to sew the buttons on (yes i forgot to add them till after i'd already sewn the handles on, they were a bit of an afterthought) I finally had a cute little skirt handbag of my own :)

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Friday, 12 November 2010

Heart Shadowbox

Really am running out my stash of ikea goodies now, good thing we are going again on monday for some furniture for the new house..think a few future project bits might make their way into the trolley too lol...
So this is glass pebble heart shadowbox I've made, no idea where it's going to hang yet but I love it!
I've used:
  • 1 ikea plain wood shadowbox
  • dulux muddy puddle paint
  • wallpaper scrap (thanks to homebase lol)
  • chocolate glass pebbles
  • hot glue gun
  • scrap of paper

To make it I:

  • Painted the shadowbox inside and out with muddly puddle paint (can anyone else my mums obsession with this colour rubbing off on me yet?)
  • Glue the wallpaper to the shadowbox backing piece
  • Draw out a heart shaped template to draw round on the wallpaper when it's dried to the backing piece.
  • Lay out the pebbles to find the best layout to fit in the heart template.
  • Carefully take one pebble out at a time and glue it down till all the pebbles are stuck on.
  • Even more carefully try and fit the backing piece back into the shadowbox.
  • Hang it somehwere and look lovingly at it :)

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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Butterfly canvas

Less than a week till the big move and here's another piece of new artwork to go on display somewhere in the cottage. I got some new toys on my last trip to hobbycraft and this canvas let me use a few of them :) Not sure where the whole butterfly obsession has come from recently, but now I'm punching them out of every scrap of paper I can find.
So I've used:
  • Small box canvas
  • Tonic studios butterfly punch
  • Flower stencil (made from an old birthday card)
  • 2 x pink inks
  • silver ink
  • mod podge
  • variety of black, pink, white, grey scrapbook paper
  • clear patterned vellum
  • superstrength paper glue

I started by punching out 40 butterflies from my pile of paper and vellum scraps ( got a little carried away actually and punched dozens more out of every colour pretty paper scrap I came across lol). Then I turned to my canvas and used the stencil to ink out the flower background, I'd laid the butteflies on the plain canvas earlier and it looked bland then i found the old card for the flower stencil. After letting the ink dry i applied a coat of mod podge as the silver ink has a habit of smudging and rubbing off on things, then i had to wait overnight before i could add my butterflies.

I'm quite chuffed with the result

, now i just need to decide which room to hang it in when we get ourselves all moved and sorted :)

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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Book Page Topiary

Here begins the bundle of new decorations made for our new house.. less than 2 weeks till the move, lovely cottage here we come.. I thought it needed a few little homemade goodies to make it more homely.. So i made a topiary where the flowers are made from old book pages, there's so many pages left going spare so I feel a few more projects coming on..

I've used:
  • gunmetal grey drawing pins
  • charity shop book
  • 2 flower arranging foam balls
  • 1/8" wooden dowel
  • small terracotta pot
  • ivory ribbon
  • half styrofoam ball
  • brown glass pebbles
  • rock salt paint
  • chcolate paint
  • hot glue gun
  • shingle
To make the flowers I drew spirals on book pages (making sure all the pages I used had text on so they matched), then I used paperglue to twist the pages to form a flower shape. The scrappy egdes on the flowers created a fab distressed look and helped with making the pages look more vintage.
I pierced the foam balls onto the dowel, glued the balls to the dowel and then painted the dowel chocolate brown. After painting the pot, I filled it with shingle to balance the weight of the topiary, and glued half a styrofoam ball over the top of the shingle to the sides of the pot. When the dowel was dried I put it through the styrofoam and glued it into place.
To secure the flowers to the foam balls I used the hot glue gun and drawing pins. I tried just using drawing pins but they just didn't hold the weight, so they became just aesthetic and the glue did all the work. After many hours of cutting and sticking flowers, not to mention burning my fingers with the glue gun many times, I made it to the fininshing touch.. the ivory ribbon bow tied around the dowel... Now I just hope it looks lovely in the new house to make it worth all the work!

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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Pearl cluster drop earrings

These are a pair of earrings I made for Mum's birthday, ok so that was in may, but I'm still playing catch up getting all my older projects blogged. Based on yet another description of a cross of something mum saw in a shop and her twist as to how she would want them to look.
So I've used:
  • 2 silver earring hooks
  • 2 strings of silver chain
  • Too many 6mm pearls to count
  • Too many headpins to count lol

Surprisingly these are a lot lighter than they look, and they went down very well with mum, along with her purple felt dahlia flower brooch.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Bird In The Hand

I'm loving all the bird theme jewellery in the shops at the moment, though I don't like how the majority are all gold in colour, not my thing. Finally I managed to get some findings in Hobbycraft with their new season's goodies to make my own necklace that isn't gold!
I've used:
  • Lost & Found: Birds on branch pendant
  • Lost & Found: Leaves links
  • Silver chain (recycled from a broken necklace)
  • Silver clasp (recycled from a broken necklace)

I've lived in this since I made, it just goes with everything i wear! Though i am wondering if I should add some kind of gem into the nest at some time in the future?

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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Felt flower brooches

Found a blog a little while ago where I stumbled upon this tutorial for a felt flower Dahlia corsage brooch.. Not Martha.. so I gave it a go coz my vintage black jacket needed a little something to give it some life.. and then of course there was a purple one made for mum to put on her jackets or handbag lol.

I've used:
  • 2 sheets of felt (red wine and glittery electric purple)
  • 2 brooch pins
  • 2 circles of strong card as backing for the brooches
  • Hot glue gun
  • A lot of patience to cut all the little petals out lol

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Collage frames

So here we go with another shop inspired idea recreated using more of those fab little 4x6 ikea frames! No way was I going to pay the shop prices so out came the stash of bits at home once more.
I've used:
  • Dulux chocloate wood paint
  • 9 ikea plain wood frames
  • Super strength evostick glue
  • Twine for the (hanging)

Now it's hanging in our lounge full of photos from our trip to egypt, with a mix of colour and black/white prints, will look even better when it's hanging in our little cottage next month :)

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Starburst mirror

So by now everyone's seen these plastered all over the internet and in the shops.. and I thought our lounge needed something funky on the wall so I made us one :)
I've used:
  • Thick cardboard (for the backing to secure the skewers to the mirror)
  • Barbecue skewers
  • Selection of sized mirrors
  • Silver spraypaint (left over from my car)
  • Twine
  • Hot gluegun

Friday, 15 October 2010

Spur of the moment necklace

No idea where the inspiration for this necklace came from, been staring at the pink woven beads for months and months now and never had a clue what to do with them...
And suddenly whilst searching the internet for a new house I grabbed a handful of beads and some inspiration hit me.. not bad considering I was looking for totally different colour and style of beads for a different project.
So I've used:
  • Wooden ball beads
  • Pink wooven wooden beads
  • Pink terracotta beads
  • Felt pink dotty flower
  • Chocolate grosgrain ribbon

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Tri-Fold Frames

So I thought we needed some pretty frames in our house and typical me I imagined in my head what I wanted and once again shops let me down, so I made my own! Typical of my mum the first time she saw them she wanted a set for her too (in muddy puddle of course as she's obsessed with that colour) and then Dan's mum saw them and wanted a set too... so low and behold 3 sets of frames done and 2 christmas presents sorted good and early too lol!

I've used:

  • 9 plain wood ikea 4x7 frames

  • 6 wickes small barrel hinges

  • 9 sets of hobbycraft wooden flowers

  • Chocolate paint

  • Muddy puddle paint

  • Caramel paint

  • Papercraft pearl stones

  • Papercraft victorian style ribbons

Now to find some photos to put in them before I have to give them away!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Fathers Day Cards

Ok so fathers day was a fair while ago in the UK but I never got round to showing these shirt cards I made for us to give. Very simple design but dead versatile with all the different papers you can use to imitate shirt material and patterns.
I've used:
  • Blue tones striped paper
  • Grey tones striped paper
  • Chunky white ribbon
  • Small silver brads
  • Shell buttons

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

It's been a while...

So once again it's been a very long time since I've blogged anything, but lifes' been kinda busy of late.

Since I last blogged a few friends have gotten married and there's been a golden wedding anniversary in the extended family, so i got left in charge of sorting all the cards out..
The blue wedding dress card for friends who support everton and qpr so there was a strict colourscheme lol.
I love the folded suit jacket on the golden anniversary wedding card, was a little tricky to cut and piece together but it certainly looks the part now.
My fave is the top right, simple, stunning and a card I wish I could have kept as i liked it so much.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Birthday bear

Phew finally got a little bit of papercrafting done again, was beginning to wonder if I'd even remember how to do a card lol... So anyway this is my entry for four, yes four, of this weeks challenges... Forever Friends sketch challenge, Dutch Dare Card challenges colour inspiration, Cute Card Thursday theme anniversary and Cupcake Craft challenges theme food/drink...
I've used:
  • Forever friends birthday bear
  • Dovecraft paper
  • Orange ribbon
  • Black silk ribbon
  • Pink chipboard tag
  • Chipboard and felt flowers
  • Birthday sentiment peel off
  • Chunky orange brad

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Jewellery Day

So it's been nearly a week since I've blogged but it's been an awkward week.. spent last weekend in hospital oh the joys and many hours this week sitting waiting in walk-in centres to get dressings changed daily... had some free time over the last couple of days where the inspiration for jewellery making has returned so here we are...

The black cluster earrings are what i gave mum for Mothers day last weekend.. Loving the little heart beads at the base, found them at the cutest little bead shop in Kingston upon Thames.

And the rest...? Well they are goodies for me using some ideas gained from surfing etsy, etc and mostly from beads I've recycled from old pieces of broken or unwanted jewellery I've hidden in my move..

A bit of a green moment with all the St Patrick's celebrations going on..

..And it would appear my obsession with pearls and big fabric flowers lives on..

Monday, 8 March 2010

Something Girly

This weeks Stamp Something challenge is something girly and here's my piece..
I've used:
  • Papermill cardstock
  • Fabric blooms
  • Scrabble tiles
  • Papermania ribbon
  • Stamped image (bit rusty with names now)
  • Dovecraft striped paper

Mothers Day/Girly

This weeks theme over at Simons Says Challenge is Mother's Day/Girly. Good thing I'm having to make my bloke's cards too so I've got enough to enter this weeks challenges!
I've used:
  • Dovecraft hint of pink papers
  • Papermill cardstock
  • Fabric flower
  • Charcoal buttons
  • Hobbycraft ribbon
  • PB image Buzz in the air

Flower Power Challenge

Wow so it really has been a while once again and this time I'm gonna try to keep my blog a lil more regular..
Anyway this weeks Cupcake Craft Challenge is Flower Power and here's my card.
I've used:
  • PB hedgie stamped image
  • Poppicraft dotty flower
  • Fabric brad inked bronze
  • Papermania borders paper
  • Dovecraft hint of pink papers
  • Pink flower ribbon (hobbycraft)
  • Tortoiseshel button
  • Papermill cardstock