Friday, 24 May 2013

Love Sign Tutorial

I thought I'd share the tutorial for the love sign I made for Valentines day, it can be changed for any other four letter word as well...
You'll need:
  • 2 contrasting colours of paint
  • 4 papier mache letters
  • superstrength glue
  • lollysticks
  • paintbrush
1. Take the second and third letters of your word and paint them the same colour.
2. Take the first and last letters and paint them the other colour you chose.
3. Leave them to dry.
4.Once the letters are dry flip them over.
5.Cut small pieces of the lollysticks, paste one side with glue and stick them over the joints of the L and V. (You can also add a little glue to the top flats of the V for extra security)
6. Repeat the lollystick glueing process with the other letters and join the L+V to the O+E.
7. Now the boring bit, let the glue fully set.

8. Paint the backs of the letters to cover the lollysticks and any excess glue.
9. Leave to dry once more.

And that's it all done and ready to decorate with!
Thanks for having me Amie and I hope you're feeling better soon!

Butterfly SU cards

Been playing with my new Stampin' Up goodies to make birthday cards for all the friends and family with birthdays coming up in the remainder of May and during June. There's quite a few people, still a few more cards to get making!

 So playing with my new stamp sets 'Papillon Potpourri' and 'Perfectly Penned' I've come up with these cards. Ok so I haven't used SU colours for inks or cards but it's still early days for me with SU stuff.

 Love the triple stamping technique that I learnt from card club so I've used it for the first time on one of my own cards. Snuck in a little non SU product for the silver flower background, was actually a flower gem setting template but I thought it was far more useful as a stamping mask.


Joined A Card Club

Can anyone tell that I've joined a card making club? I've finally discovered Stampin' Up for myself and once a month I'm playing with lots of lovely SU goodies at card, trying new products and learning new techniques.

Here's the cards I've made from the last 3 card club nights....

 Stampin' Up may have just become my next unhealthy obsession!