Thursday, 28 July 2011

Scrabble Wordplay Decor

Here's another idea that's been sat on my Pinterest board for quite a while waiting to be done.. finally starting to make a bit of a dent on my to do list of projects, till I find a load more that is!

I found this frame in the Hobbycraft sale ages ago and I used it for a Valentines frame to sit on our mantle, if you wan to see it again then it's here.

I just thought that it needed a bit of a change ok so this is still a bit lovey but isn't as Valentines Day in my head. The backing paper is actually a sample of wallpaper that I picked up walking round a DIY store and then I glued some scrabble tiles on top to finish off a simple, yet cute frame to go on our mantle till the next piece of holiday decor is needed.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Scarves to Summer Tops

Whilst trawling through H&M over the weekend with mum on our girly shopping trip in Reading I found some awesome print scarves for £1 each so I grabbed one of each colour. One in blue and one in hot pink.... oh and I forgot to mention they are leopard print too! Mum's face when I went over to her was priceless, 'So what do you plan on turning these into then?', guess she knows me too well and knows what I tend to do to scarves... especially when they are cheaper than the fabric would be from a fabric shop!

Having seen all the pins on Pinterest of this Anthropologie top and tutorials on how to make one similar, like over at Sweet Verbena, this is what I decided the scarves had to be refashioned into....

and so they did....

Here's the pink leopard print one, love the yellow and black bits really brings out the print and makes it a little in your face (it's my fave of the 2 prints).
Ok so you can't see the bow in the photos as the print kinda gets lost in itself but I assure you it's there, it's kinda large. Took a photo of me wearing it (not a fab pic was took from my Blackberry by the OH), but you can see it's quite fitted. I had a slight fit doing this one as I cut the material thought it was too small and threw it into a corner till I'd finished the 2nd print slightly larger cut top then realised it would be a good fit after all. another slight difference with this top is that I didn't cut the fabric into 2 rectangles, I made mine like a tube to save losing any precious fabric that I'd need to make the top fit me right.
Here's the 2nd print scarf, leopard print again but a slightly calmer, less in your face colourscheme of blue, lime and white. The bow is a lot easier to see on this one too!As you can tell from the photo it's a lot looser fit than the pink one, but I like it makes them different and means it'll be ideal for the hot days out on our holiday in September. This top was made following the tutorial method of cutting the fabric into 2 rectangles and sewing them together to form the body of the top. The only extra thing I had to do on both tops was sew an edge for the underarms to stop the fabric fraying away.
See crappy British summer weather I defy you, I will still make myself lovely summer tops even if they don't see the light of day till September and then again next summer!