Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Christmas Hampers

 So I know I've totally missed the boat for sharing christmas things at an appropriate time but I thought I'd share them anyway. To save a bit of money this past christmas as we were saving to buy a house we decided to make most of our christmas presents and turn them into a hamper.

 Some homemade limoncello that sat brewing for weeks making our kitchen smell amazing!
Homemade coconut ice, had to make a spare batch for us to taste test of course!
 Snowmen and christmas pudding 3d cards for everyone.

 One bagged and tagged hamper ready to go. 
It contained:
  • Homemade limoncello
  • Homemade coconut ice
  • Homemade rosemary shortbread
  • Homemade chocolate honeycomb truffles
Apparently next year I need to include a christmas pudding in each hamper as we didn't this year but our family tried one I made and it went down a treat!


Weddings, weddings, weddings

 I've had a spree of wedding card orders recently so I've been trying out new designs to try and find one that suits as many colourschemes as possible... and here's my new design...

 Simple yet elegant and versatile that it lends itself well to all the colours I needed to incorporate to it.

A colourful bit of ribbon and some funky shaped buttons are all the card needs to help it pop and make it different from the others.
 Even a subtle bit of personalisation with the couples names up the side just to make it that little bit different and special for the recipients.
Now to come up with a new design before the next bunch of wedding card orders come in!


Friday, 15 March 2013

Sewing Box Renovation

So I'm back again now that we are all moved and settled in to the new house, finally a house of our own. Thought I'd share a project that I 'had' to finish before we moved otherwise my OH was going to throw it away as I hadn't got round to finishing it. 
It's an old sewing box given to me by a friend... it was a little sad looking, old battered dark stain and a few broken bits... shame I never took a photo of the before state, didn't realise till I had sanded half of the box down :(
 After fixing the broken runners for the drawers I removed the metalwork and cleaned them up a bit. The inside of the drawer and the inside of the main section looked rubbish after removing the old tatty fabric, after much sanding down it was finally ready for spraying in an awesome colour called heirloom white.
 I thought the base deserved a nice bright, bold piece of fabric to make the inside pop. Love this tulip print fabric, never found a good use for it so this is the perfect start for it!
 So after a week of renovation this lovely bit of furniture deserved its place in the removal van and now it lives in my craft room where you see it as soon as you walk in :)