Friday, 12 November 2010

Heart Shadowbox

Really am running out my stash of ikea goodies now, good thing we are going again on monday for some furniture for the new house..think a few future project bits might make their way into the trolley too lol...
So this is glass pebble heart shadowbox I've made, no idea where it's going to hang yet but I love it!
I've used:
  • 1 ikea plain wood shadowbox
  • dulux muddy puddle paint
  • wallpaper scrap (thanks to homebase lol)
  • chocolate glass pebbles
  • hot glue gun
  • scrap of paper

To make it I:

  • Painted the shadowbox inside and out with muddly puddle paint (can anyone else my mums obsession with this colour rubbing off on me yet?)
  • Glue the wallpaper to the shadowbox backing piece
  • Draw out a heart shaped template to draw round on the wallpaper when it's dried to the backing piece.
  • Lay out the pebbles to find the best layout to fit in the heart template.
  • Carefully take one pebble out at a time and glue it down till all the pebbles are stuck on.
  • Even more carefully try and fit the backing piece back into the shadowbox.
  • Hang it somehwere and look lovingly at it :)

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Allison said...

Very pretty. Love how simple it is but is so elegant. Thanks for linking up to my party again! :)