Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Tri-Fold Frames

So I thought we needed some pretty frames in our house and typical me I imagined in my head what I wanted and once again shops let me down, so I made my own! Typical of my mum the first time she saw them she wanted a set for her too (in muddy puddle of course as she's obsessed with that colour) and then Dan's mum saw them and wanted a set too... so low and behold 3 sets of frames done and 2 christmas presents sorted good and early too lol!

I've used:

  • 9 plain wood ikea 4x7 frames

  • 6 wickes small barrel hinges

  • 9 sets of hobbycraft wooden flowers

  • Chocolate paint

  • Muddy puddle paint

  • Caramel paint

  • Papercraft pearl stones

  • Papercraft victorian style ribbons

Now to find some photos to put in them before I have to give them away!

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