Saturday, 20 March 2010

Jewellery Day

So it's been nearly a week since I've blogged but it's been an awkward week.. spent last weekend in hospital oh the joys and many hours this week sitting waiting in walk-in centres to get dressings changed daily... had some free time over the last couple of days where the inspiration for jewellery making has returned so here we are...

The black cluster earrings are what i gave mum for Mothers day last weekend.. Loving the little heart beads at the base, found them at the cutest little bead shop in Kingston upon Thames.

And the rest...? Well they are goodies for me using some ideas gained from surfing etsy, etc and mostly from beads I've recycled from old pieces of broken or unwanted jewellery I've hidden in my move..

A bit of a green moment with all the St Patrick's celebrations going on..

..And it would appear my obsession with pearls and big fabric flowers lives on..


Ang C said...

Some fab stuff - I bet your mum loved her earrings

southern fairy said...

she's paraded them around and told people they are one off commisioned pieces as she always does lol

Mags said...

Oh Steph, stunning pieces as always. Love the necklace! xx

craft mad Jenny said...

great jewellery, and great to see you back in the land of the bloggers!!