Tuesday, 15 July 2008

ATC box instructions

Ok so a few people have asked for them that can't get hold of the PCJ mag... im not claiming it to be my design i'm just passing on the good idea...
So you'll need: 2 pieces of 12x12 card, glue and embellishments

  1. trim one of the 12x12s down to 19.5cm (long) by 22.2cm (width)
  2. divide the length into equal lengths on 6.5cm
  3. divide the width into 3 parts; 6.5cm, 9.3cm and 6.5cm
  4. score the lines
  5. measure and draw out 1cm flaps on the four corner squares from the inside of the square
  6. cut out the rest of the corner square for each corner
  7. fold the sides up and glue the tabs to the inside of the rectangle sides
  8. trim the other piece of 12x12 to 21cm (long) and 23.5cm (width)
  9. divide the length into three equal sections of 7cm
  10. divide the width into three sections; 7cm, 9.5cm and 7cm
  11. repeat steps 5-7 for this piece of card
  12. decorate as required

There we go it's as easy as that :)

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