Friday, 31 December 2010

Mono top refashion

So it's not summer I know but I have a bunch of tanktops sitting a drawer just waiting to be refashioned to join ym summer wardrobe and I just never got round to doing them in time for 2010 so I'm preparing for 2011 lol.

I took a boring white tank from Primark (£1.50!) and made it much more interesting by adding some of my fabric scraps to it. I took all the bits of material that were black, white or grey and started cutting leave shapes from them (I saw this idea on someone's blog and can't for the life of me remember the link, so I'm sorry I've not credited for the idea). The stripy material used to be a scarf, the star pattern material was a tanktop that got too big for me and the rest are just scraps lying about in the drawer.
After much hand sewing, stabbing my fingers and achey fingers I got all the leaves sewn on in places I was happy with. So apart from the terrible photo where I blinded myself with the flash in the mirror I'm chuffed with the
result :)
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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Another glitter wreath

Finally got round to finishing my own wicker glittery wreath and after nabbing an idea from the heart shaped wreath I made the other week I got the perfect finishing touches for this one. I tried to keep it simple and originally it didn't have the glittery flowers but it just looked a bit bare and one-sided so after trip to hobbycraft was required! Although you can't see it the ribbon actually ahs 'merry christmas' written on it in gold caligraphy. The poor floor under this wreath is now covered in red glitter and shall be sparkling for months to come lol!
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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Bauble Wreath

I felt the need to make a bauble wreath after seeing so any lovely ones out there on everyone's blogs.. so now our house has a few wreaths but hey I'm sure I can find many places to hang them..
The one thing all the tutorials forget to mention is how fiddly, messy and infuriating the whole process is and after an hour of frustration glueing baubles on I spent another hour picking all the excess glue off lol.
Dread to think how many baubles I've used, I stopped counting after emptying the 4th box, though I was using quite small baubles compared to the majority of people so it's no surprise I needed so many. There was glitter everywhere, over my desk, the chair, the floor and now all down the stairs to the front door where it hangs now lol!

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Friday, 3 December 2010

Glittery wreath

Started the christmas craft work and thought I'd start with the biggies.. made mum's wreath as she fell in love with my wreath that I made (will blog that one later, but it needs a few extra bits now I've been to hobbycraft again today n got some extra bits lol).

I've used (oh how hobbycraft love me after my shopping sprees):
  • Heart shaped twig wreath
  • White snowflake ribbon (good ol' tesco deals)
  • Silver glitter poinsettas
  • Glittery pinecone decoration
  • Red berry decoration
  • Snowy twig decoration
  • Glue gun
  • Pebbles to counterbalance

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