Saturday, 13 October 2012

Card Orders

 Been a long time again since I last posted but it means I have a lot of things to share... So I'll start with all the custom cards I've made in recent months.. some as orders and some we gave to our friends and family.

40th birthday for a friend
1st birthday for an order, colourful with bob the builder layered up

Order for a little boys christening card

Wedding card order for a couple mad on the London Irish rugby team

50th birthday order, hand drawn Harley Davidson with a butterfly incorporated into the paintwork

Daisy birthday card for our friend daisy

Nautical theme birthday card for my Grandad

30th birthday card for a friend who wanted to forget his age

Tuxedo wedding card for an order

30th birthday card for an order, dj decks with a Jamaican colourscheme

Dino birthday card for my boyfriend's birthday

MIL's birthday card

18th birthday card order for a judo mad lad

Wedding card for some of our friends whose colourscheme was midnight blue

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