Saturday, 18 October 2014

Seaglass Lantern

 Over the last couple of years I've gathered quite a lot of seaglass and never really figured out what to do with it. I'm just fascinated by it, the awesome colours you can come across and how colours vary depending where in the world you are looking for it.
 After gathering even more seaglass on our recent trip to Spain I found my jar at home to be too full to add my most recent stash to it, so I had to start making something with my seaglass.
I decided to make a lantern to sit as a table centrepiece or on the sid rtable in our lounge. A cheap glass vase and a tealight holder from Ikea, electric tealight, baby oil and an hour of my time and this is what I came up with.
The baby oil is a total necessity otherwise the seaglass will be frosty, losing the lovely colours and shine you really want to see.
 Here's how the lantern looks when it's dark and the tealight is illuminated. Much better than I expected it to come out so I'm very impressed with it.
My seaglass jar is now almost empty so I need to satrt collecting again, roll on the next Spain holiday or UK beach trip somewhere known for seaglass!



Nicole Anderson said...

Beautiful! How did you make it?? I'd like to do something similar with my seaglass!

Steph Smith said...

Hi Nicole, was simple really. Just a large jar, put a small glass tealight holder in the centre then surround it with your stash of beautiful seaglass