Friday, 13 March 2015

Vintage Plane Cushions

 Last October I bought this gorgeous vintage aircraft print fabric from a craft show and I was going to make cushions from it straight away.... 6 months later I've actually got round to making the cushion cover I planned to do...well in the end I made 3 as the new cover made me hate 2 more old covers on our sofa cushions.

I used the tutorial over at Craftaholics Anonymous to make my cushion covers, you can get to it by clicking here.

This cushion used to be a plain coffee colour with a couple of applique birds I added to it years ago, safe to say it looked a little lifeless and sorry for itself so I whipped the cover off and measured it up ready for it's new fabric.
 The tutorial is easy to follow and they really are quick and dead easy to make...well as long as you're paying attention when you pin it all together and don't sew it together with a right side facing a wrong side, then not realising the mistake till you turn it out... Had to unpick it all and start again but that will teach me to pay more attention when I'm pinning... 

Please say I'm not the only one who has those days were you sew the wrong sides together?

After putting the new aircraft cover on the cushion then throwing it onto our cuddle chair I realised the 2 cushions on the main sofa also looked awful, the brown and red leaf pattern just seemed so out of place. So I ran off to my fabric stash and cut some more pieces out to whip up 2 more covers.

20minutes later this is how our cushions looked....much better..and I still have more of this fabric to play with but I think it may become a handbag for me as I've just bought an ace set of handles that need a purpose.
I'm thinking cushion covers could feature in 2015's presents for friends and family..simple, stylish and personal...something they won't be able to buy and that most of them don't know how to make themselves.


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