Tuesday, 1 April 2008

More new cards

So today I have been asked to make some more cards for a friend, who seems to be becoming a regular customer of mine. And slowly I seem to be making cards for the whole of his family so I get to use a variety of ideas and styles for them.
So far I've only done two of the four cards requested as one takes a bit of time and the other I haven't even fathomed a starting point on yet. What exactly do you put on a card for a professor of botany, any ideas?
The golf card is obviously for a keen golfer, not quite what i planned to do originally, as i was going to do a ball shaped card, but i didn't have any A4 white card so i used a sheet of A5. So that's when I thought I'd have a ball on a golf green instead, and to be honested I'm quite impressed with it.
The second card is for an animal mad teenage girl, and the card just happens to match a present she's getting so it all fits nicely. The images, all kindly provided by Avril, are from the Heartly Farm series. I didn't like the squiggly blue hearts on the hen house so i stuck some green gemstone hearts on instead, which I think look better. I love doing decoupage cards, don't know why. I like to make my own from images I find as it's done how I'd like it to look, rather than how someone else designed it to be...maybe I'm just fussy or perhaps I enjoy making work for myself lol

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Louly said...

Your cards are fabulous Steph, they look very time consuming. Sorry you were unable to use my email link I don't know why that happens for some people but not for others, you're not the first to mention it. If you needed to contact me for anything maybe you could send me a pm via Docrafts.
Love Lou xx