Sunday, 6 April 2008

Works in progress

Whey happy today, had the 'trial shift' at the pub which turned out to not be a trial, i've got the job :) don't start properly for a fortnight as i'm moving etc but finally got a new job so i'm dead chuffed.

So after my little shift at the pub and moving a few more boxes into the new place I finally got to start some craft work again. Not quite finished either yet as the glue gun i need for sticking the sequins on got moved to the new place today in a box, damn! But anyway here's the start of the watering can card, with a template that my other half drew for me on a CAD program earlier.

Think I shall go hit hobbycraft tomorrow as well, see if i can find some goodies to put into my exploding box that is still another work in progress.

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