Friday, 6 June 2008

I've sold a keychain!

A lady on do crafts contacted me about the keychains i've been making recently and posting on my gallery on there...she asked me if i could make her one and she would pay me for shocked was i, i haven't sold anything yet to anyone but family and i'm over the moon! She asked for something lilac, pink, purple or turqoise, with preferably a butterfly as the charm if not anything but shoes lol.... so this is what i have made for her... a lilac butterfly keychain using my newest charms that i ordered from ebay last week :) So here's to hopefully my first happy customer!


Heather said...

hey steph, thats great news! You're a budding (or should that be "beading") entrepreneur now :) I may just commission you to do one for me so I can see them up close and try to maybe make one for myself. How much are they? Email me or let me know via my blog
Sis Heather

Angie C said...

This is lovely - well done for selling your first one :-)

kes said...

Congratulations Steph
SBS 18

#Donna# said...

Yay steph, well done, your key chains are fab so i'm surprised this is your first buyer. x

Jaime said...

Congrats! ISn't it fun when that happens. --Watch out another Ebay fanatic!!, I may be bidding against you--