Friday, 6 June 2008

tagged again, again!

I've Been Tagged....AGAIN!Since I have answered these once I will switch up the questions. . .

1) FIVE YEARS AGO...hmm 2003 i was at secondary school and hated evry minute of it

2) 5 THINGS ON TODAY'S "try to avoid" LIST... revision, housework, losing my temper

3) MOVIES I ENJOY...indiana jones, sex & the city(not seen it yet but i know i'll love it!), top gun, school of rock, nightmare before christmas, love actually, etc

4) THINGS I WOULD DO IF I WAS A MOVIE STAR...constantly travel, fly, buy my own aeroplane and get the license to fly it myself like john travolta does

5) 3 PLACES I HAVE VISITED...USA, Austria, Greece urself to this one ladies and gents lol!

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