Sunday, 23 November 2008

Mum's order

So my mum saw the sets I'd made myself and Linda and she decided she had to have a cocktail ring for herself... well 2 actually as she couldn't decide on a colour and didn't fancy a mix of the 2 colours she couldn't pick between... so I had to make her a black ring and a purple ring.
To say these rings infuriate me is an understatement.. it took 4m of filament to make the purple ring as I had to keep restarting it as the filament kept breaking or getting tied in knots... have you ever tried undoing knots made in clear thread, it's near impossible!

I've used:
  • 38 purple crackle glass beads
  • 38 black crackle glass beads
  • 19 lilac seed beads
  • 19 black seed beads
  • 2 sieve rings
  • Monofilament


Heather said...

these are fab! am really getting into this jewellery thing now :) love those purple beads

Tabitha said...

Oh my goodness these look like so much fun!