Sunday, 25 January 2009

Jewellery challenge

Here's my entry for this fortnights Jewellery Challenge, it's a new challenge blog that's only just reached challenge 2 so now's a good time to join in the fun...
This fortnights challenge is to follow the inspiration found in a photo...I didn't take the colours or the bird as my inspiration.. I took the leaves and found a pendant that was suitable.. kept it plain and silver as colour made it look wrong.. and then I added some ladybird silver beads as they added some character to my leaf..
I've used:
  • Silver leaf pendant
  • 2 silver wire bound balls
  • Silver chain
  • Heart toggle clasp
  • 4 silver ladybird beads


tiggertastic said...

Absolutely stunning, I love the leaf you have used, I could star at it for ages, so delicate.

Another fantastic element to your necklace is the ladybirds you have added up the chain

Sarah x

craft mad Jenny said...

wow, such a lovely piece - it looks lovely in gold!

Aims said...

Very pretty, I love the fact it is all silver! So elegant :)

Aims x

Rleen said...

Stunning jewelry, I love it! You did a great job!

Heather said...

Beautiful necklace, very elegant x