Friday, 6 February 2009

Button Flower Brooches

Oooh I've been waiting to post these for a couple of days but I've had to behave and give the glue 24hrs to settle for each lil step of the way... So here's 3 of the button flower brooches I've been making over the last few days...
I've used:
  • 5 mother of pearl buttons
  • 5 green pearl buttons
  • 1 large silver pearl button
  • 1 shell star button
  • 1 shell flower button
  • 5 blue metal ring buttons
  • 1 blue plastic star button
  • 1 large black button
  • 1 chunky rim purple button
  • 3 felt circles (to attach the pins)
  • 3 badge pins

I can see myself making an absolute shed load of these in different colours and types of buttons... especially as I just got some new buttons and I'm always searching for unusual buttons :)

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