Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Curby grip earrings

So here's a lil something that I whipped up the other day after seeing someone do something similar on their blog... I hate these hair grips they are just so useless on my hair as it's far too thick for them to hold, so I was more than happy to recycle some of them into something I'll actually use... now what to do with the other 98 grips I ahve lying around my wardrobe shelf lol...
I've used:
  • 2 black curby hair grips
  • 4 x 10mm glass pearls
  • 2 small jumprings
  • 2 silver earring wires
  • Pritt Stick superstrength glue
  • File (to file the grip ends off to get the beads on)


nessy said...

oh what fun ~ what a great idea ~didn`t know they still made those hair grips!!
vanessa xx

Anonymous said...

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