Saturday, 19 March 2011

Denim Apron

Ok so this has been sat part done and pinned up for a couple weeks now ever since Rachel posted her tutorial for it over at Bubbly Nature Creations. My poor old sewing machine couldn't handle it and keeled over permanently after sewing one side of the neck strap on so I had to wait till I got my exam over with and a replacement sewing machine was located... So thanks to Sandra at work for selling me the sewing machine that's sat brand new and unused in her house for a year...
Here's my version of rachel's apron tutorial using yet another piece of denim from my pair of dead jeans..
I've used a bit more of the brown fabric from the old top that did my fabric flower headband the other week for the flowers and ruffles. The flowers just cover up my stitching for the neck strap and add a little interest to the top of the apron. The ribbon was actually what tied my dressing gown into a bundle when I bought it, knew it would have a purpose one day lol.
I thought after the flowers I was finished but the pocket just looked a bit dull, so I cut one of the ruffly straps off the old top and hot glued it on as by time I decided to add it I'd already stuck the pocket on so couldn't sew it on.
I'm so impressed with this little apron and even more impressed that the project was such a success seeing as it's my first ever sewing machine project (even if it's taken 2 machines to get it completed!)


Rachel {} said...

that looks awesome!!! I love it!!! Too bad about the sewing machine, but you did a great job! :) thanks for sharing!

WobiSobi said...

So cute and you did a fantastic job.. Sorry about your sewing machine:( It looks so good!

Anonymous said...

you should mention this stuff to phil for mothers day! Maybe the kids and phil can make me a basket of goodies with your help?? then charge by what they pick and make yourself some MONEY! yaya Money!