Saturday, 22 February 2014

Valentines Makes

Here's the bits I made for Valentines day this year...

 Card for my boyfriend made at SU card club.
Made using:
  • Language of love stamp set
  • Gorgeous grunge stamp set
  • Small heart punch
  • Full heart punch
  • Petites penants punch
  • Banners framleits die
 Wine cork heart...still undecided whether to try hanging this or just lean it against a wall, it does sit rather well laying on one of it's flat edges.

Mixed dark and milk chocolate hearts. Melted a few bars of dark and milk chocolate together then thinly spread it onto greaseproof paper into the shape of hearts. Whilst it was still setting I put some sugar hearts on top of the chocolate.
 After a few hours in the fridge they were ready to be bagged, Needed to keep them in the fridge though as they were so thin just touching them for a few seconds caused them to start melting...not that they lasted very long before they were all eaten!


Paula Knall said...

And if ya fancy making some chocolate hearts I'll put my order in now! Lovely makes Steph! xxx

Steph Smith said...

Lol I have no qualms about doing more choccy hearts, didn't last the night in this house so there's bound to be more needing making here some time soon! x