Thursday, 12 June 2014

Been Sewing...Baby Gifts

 Been doing a lot of sewing recently and there's seems to be a lot of baby things I need to make for friends and family who are all having kids this year...

These are for my new little nephew Isaac...choosing the fabrics were made easier by knowing that my sister in law was having a little boy, whereas everybody else I'll be making for are having surprises...gender neutral baby fabric is so hard to find!

I chose 2 fabrics for Isaac's presents...I love the bee fabric..thought it could also be used as quite a good gender neutral fabric too. I made a standard shaped bib and burp cloth from the bee fabric.

Then I found this awesome blue dinosaur fabric which I totally fell in love with, shame it didn't come in more colours though. I made a standard shaped bib, 2 bandana style bibs, a burp cloth and a soft door closer from the dinosaur fabric.
 The soft door closer idea came from the Practically Functional blog via a pin on Pinterest, such a simple yet brilliant idea and it works so well!
 My sister in law loved them and the bibs fitted baby Isaac well so I'd say that the first batch of baby gifts were a total success!


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Rob O'Neill said...

The bee fabric looks great as well as the blue dinosaur one. The bibs are so cute and very attractive. Job well done and I am very happy to know that your sister-in-law loved all these things that you have made for baby Isaac. Great Job!