Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Decopatch Penguin

 I said there would be more decopatch to come, low and behold there was a penguin that had to be done to join the many penguins in my study. The MDF Man wasn't at the latest craft show so I didn't manage to get any new things to decopatch, only left me this little penguin to work on.
 This penguin is made of papiermache, rather than mdf like all the recent projects have been, it was on sale in hobbycraft so had to be purchased. The paper was a bargain too, a giant roll for only £1 and there's loads left over so I will have to find myself something else to decopatch with it.
 I'm going to take a little break from decopatch for now to work on all the knitting projects I've got going/really want to get started on....oh and studying for the aircraft type course I'm on till the end of March.

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