Sunday, 1 February 2015

Decopatch GHD box

Another decopatch project...this time I took the box from my new GHD's and decopatched it with a roll of turquoise flower print paper. The paper was only £1 from Hobbycraft and it covered the whole box and lid withn a teeny bit left over.
It's now my work in progress box beside my desk for cards I've started working on or stamped images that haven't yet found themself a card to go onto. Quick, simple and a great reuse of something that would have only been thrown into the recycling.


Firdos B said...

Hi there, i just came across your beautiful work from surfing the internet for decopatch boxes. I was wondering how you applied the design on the box. Unless I am mistaken it does not appear as though you have teared the paper or cut it out :)

Steph Smith said...

Hi Firdos,

I cut the paper to the correct size for the box and then applied it with pva glue, keeping the joins neatly trimmed. The design was too pretty to tear up