Thursday, 29 January 2015

Learning To Arm Knit

 Last weekend Mum and I went to the Creative Crafts Show at Sandown Park and we came across a lady at a wool stall demoing arm knitting. We had both seen videos of it before but never seen somebody doing it for real so we were very intrigued to watch her do it. After watching in amazement for 5 minutes at how quick and easy it was to do I decided to get myself some wool and have a go for myself.

Here's a photo of me just getting started...I realised it was a little too loose after this photo so quickly undid it all and started again, only took a couple minutes to get back to this stage so it's really not hard to correct mistakes. I started with 2x 200g skeins of chunky wool and double knitted them, the chunkier the wool or more strands you use the better the scarf/cowl will look at the end.

I used the tutorial video here for quick reference to remind me how to arm knit.

About 45minutes later I had a fully finished cowl that I could wear with pride. I originally planned to make a scarf but the video showed how easy a cowl would be so I changed my mind.
 Really is quite a long, perhaps a little too long?
 Here's me looking a totally proud idiot wearing my new chunky cowl... I even wore it out that evening when we went to the cinema to show it off!
I even have enough wool leftover that I could probably make a snood/single loop cowl for a gift for someone else.


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