Monday, 5 January 2015

'Home' Decopatch

 Before christmas I said there would be some more decopatch projects to come and here's the first one of 2015...
 Another word sign from The MDF Man, this time it's Home. I used some wallpaper that we took as a sample from Homebase and a lot of pva glue to keep it all together. A little fiddly to cut around the curvy edges but I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out in the end.
 Here it is on display in our lounge, it's taken the place of the Noel sign now all the christmas decorations are packed away in the loft once more.
There's more decopatch projects to come soon... and a trip to the Creative Crafts show at Sandown Park towards the end of the month so there will no doubt be even more decopatch projects from me in the next couple of months.


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