Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Crocodile Soft Toy

 So what do you make your young nephew for christmas when he is under the age of 1?

That was the dilemma we had this year so I took to looking through my Pinterest boards, scouring through patterns I had saved and finally I found a pattern in the new Cath Kidston Sewing Book.

The pattern for the crocodile toy jumped out at me, seemed the perfect gift for a little boy. A few tweaks to the instructions and substituting bead filling for soft toy fluff to make it more suitable for a baby.

Here's the finished crocodile in all his glory.
  A large amount of ricrac, a few fiddly bits of sewing, a long time stuffing fluff in and the crocodile was finished.
Love the lazy eye look and the big cheeky grin made by the whit ricrac but I can't understand why the pattern only gave the croc 2 legs...strange.


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