Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas Cake

 No Christmas pudding for us this year, made so many differne tbakes last year tha\t we struggled to eat it all before it went off. This year it's just a cake for the Smith household.

I made our cake back in the middle of October using an old recipe my Nan gave me, tried and tested always makes a good cake so why change the recipe I use.
 I gave it weekly feeds of whiskey and brandy, flipping it every week to ensure even soaking of the alcohol.
Finally a fortnight before christmas I covered the cake in marzipan and left it overnight to dry.

Then came the fun part of decorating the cake. I used my fimo penguins as decorations, which will no doubt be a regular feature on all of our Christmas cakes from now on.
 Funniest thing was a neighbour knocked at our front door while I was decorating the cake so I answered the door covered in glitter, red and green icing colouring pastes... had to show him the cake to prove I wasn't completely mad.


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