Thursday, 8 May 2014

Gluten free, dairy free bread making class

  Last night a friend and I went on a bread baking class run by Mark of Blackbird Bread a microbakery in Twickenham that also runs local bread making classes. My friend is a coeliac and we don't get to do many baking classes together so we jumped at last night's class as it was perfect for her and a totally new baking concept for me to work with. Mark took the challenge one step further and made the evening dairy free as well as gluten free!

 Our first bake was a white gluten free soda bread, made using soya milk and soya yoghurt instead of buttermilk and then a couple squeezes of lemon juice to provide the tang that buttermilk normally provides.
Then we moved on to gluten free brown rolls, with a little gluten free white bread flour thrown into the mix too. These really are heavy and very filling, one small roll is enough for me in one sitting. Surprising how the dough just doesn't seem to increase in size as much as 'normal' gluten bread when it proves, still can't get my head round that one at all.
We finished up with a white loaf, made using a mix of gluten free white plain flour and white breadflour. This really is a heavy little loaf and the texture of it inside really does resemble cake...took Mark a while to convince me this was really what it should be like.
Here's how the finished bake all look together.. now to persuade my boyfriend that it's not too healthy him to help me eat some of it!

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