Saturday, 12 July 2014

Protein Baking

Recently we have been trying to really kickstart a healthier eating plan in our house.... so we have invested in the Protein Pow(d)er cookbooks and been trying out some of her website recipes too.

The first recipe I had to try was Powtella...the healthy protein bersion of Nutella, who doesn't love Nutella?! The link to the recipe is here.

A couple of days later Anna posted and idea of how to use leftover Powtella for something even better.... Dark chocolate protein truffles...another thing that I had to try immediately, had just about enough Powtella left to make 7 little truffles. The recipe is here.

Anybody else find cookies to be a major downfall in their healthy eating attempts? We certainly do in our house so finding a recipe for protein, low sugar cookies was perfect for us and they taste amazing. Chocloate and peanutbutter protein cookies are to die for and so tasty you don't even realise they are so much healthier than 'normal' cookies. Will definitely make more of these! The recipe can be found here.

Anyone that knows me knows I'ma  total coffee addict so the recipe for Coffee & Whey protein bars was just too good to pass up on...and with no baking and very little effort required to make these bars they were perfect as a quick make when I didn't have a great deal of time but felt the urge to make something. The recipe can be found here.
Totally in love with Anna's recipes and we both loved the items I've made so far... will be trying many more of them in the coming months and hopefully making our eating habits just that little bit healthier!


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