Saturday, 19 July 2014

Wedding Card For Teachers

 This wedding card was an order from a regular customer, a lady who regularly gives me challenge cards to make..this card was cetainly no exception...

The couple are getting married today (19th July 2014) and they are both teachers, one teaches P.E and the other teaches science.

So the challenge was to include the following in the design:
  • Their names- Ben & Alex
  • Science theme
  • P.E theme
  • The wedding date
  • Something wedding based
 This is what I came up with after many weeks of sketching and resketching ideas....
Late one night a brain wave came to me to try and make their names using elements from the periodic table to add the science to the card..this worked perfectly till the ex of I made a new element that follows on from the last in the real periodic table to cover it. 
The sport theme came into the card in the form of a cricket bat, which I added the wedding date to.. I then figured I could make the name elements look like an equation where the date on the bat was the solution.

I then added the wedding element to the card using my favourite heart embossing plate, To Have and To Hold ribbon and hearts to represent the bride and groom.

Hopefully the couple like it as much as the lady who ordered it from me did...roll on the next design challenge!


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