Thursday, 8 May 2008

Audi and some jewellery

So today i was asked to make an 18th birthday card for a girl whose dream car is an audi rs8, who loves champagne and glam bits and this is what i came up with...hopefully it captures enough of each element to make it work properly.....

And then i realised my poor bracelet i've been wearing for a few months looked more than dead so i made a new surf bead style bracelet using more of the beads that my nan sent me, she works in a charity shop so i get lots of old jewellery to recycle....then i decided to use some of the pearls that arrived in my most recent package... so i mixed them with some hematite beads to make a bracelet for the birthday girl and then another similar to it for myself but this time using some hematitie beads i bought a while ago but just hadn't found a use for them till i'm happy with all i've achieved today :)

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