Sunday, 25 May 2008

chipboard purse

Just started working on my mums birthday present, ok her birthday was last weekend but as i don't see her till august i thought i'd make her something worth waiting that bit longer for.... i found this idea a few months agao whilst blog hopping on Yard sale kind of luck... it's a fab blog with oh so many fab ideas that i'd love to have a go at myself. I got so frustrated with the pieces of chipboard trying to get them all lined up that i decided to make the tag first lol as it was much simpler and didn't involve needing 3 hands to glue it together... the sentiment is pretty much true of many aspects of life throught the recent years for mum and i, so it seemed like a fab tag to have on the bag. As u can see the bag isn't too far from finished it just needs; some sanding down, the purple paper stuck round the top edge and some stitched ribbon to make the handles............. so another couple of hours and some cursing at it should be sufficient lol!

1 comment:

Vicki C. said...

Steph - Love the box!! I am sure your mother will too.

Talk soon!