Wednesday, 28 May 2008

button bracelet

Here's my latest jewellery make a button bracelet, made from an idea i saw in topshop. So thanks topshop for your madly overpriced jewellery inspiring me to go buy the bits to make a similar bracelet for less than half the price! They had a neon shell button bracelet, with two dozen tiny buttons and they wanted £8 for it! I went out and bought the buttons and spent £3.35 on them, recycled a clasp from a broken bit of jewellery and used up a spare piece of tigertail from the same broken bit of mine aren't neon but hey mine are bigger, bolder and no one else is going to have a button bracelet quite like mine :) so make another copy of some topshop jewellery i wouldn't separate with £12 for lol.....


#Donna# said...

cool, love it.

Angeldrummer said...

i think it is cool too have tagged you

paylin said...

How r u ?? u have done a beautiful creation and lovely layout.

Well just to drop by to say " hello " takecare and have a great day