Tuesday, 27 May 2008

SBS 18 challenge #3

Without trying to give too much away about the challenge i'm setting for the coming weeks SBS18 challenge, this is my sample piece... it's my first attempt at digital scrapbooking... i used photoshop cs to do allt eh ahrd work for me lol.... a fab digi kit called moody blues by shabby princess and a photo of my OH doing a competiton finish at last summers Junior Nationals gliding competition in his glider.... so everyone pop along to the challenge blog 2mo to see what my challenge is :)
...and whey this also fits perfectly with the new arty girlz challenge for this week :)


Anonymous said...

Very cool, Steph! I've never tried anything digital. Well done! Not sure what I'm going to do...hmmm.

#Donna# said...

great atc anything with the word digital in it scares me lol.