Monday, 4 August 2014

Baby Gift Set Orders

 It seems like everyone is having children this year, I seem to be making an awful lot of baby cards, bibs and burp cloths. Surprisingly a lot of people appear to be choosing to not find out the baby's gender either so I've been left the challenge of trying to find gender neutral baby fabrics to make bibs and burp cloths from.

 The most recent order was for 2 bib and burp cloth sets, 1 for a little girl and the other for a surprise. 

I started with the little girl set as I had some awesome pale pink cupcake fabric in my fabric stash that I've been dying to find a good use for. So for the gift set I made a burp cloth, normal style bib and a bandana bib.
 For the surprise gender baby set I used a polka dot fabric that isn't too boyish for a little girl... in fact this was the colourscheme of my bedroom when i was a little kid. Once again it's a burp cloth, normal style bib and a bandana bib.
 The burp cloths have all got one of my newly printed fabric labels sewn onto one of the front corners. I thought sewing them onto the bibs as well would have been a bit overkill as it's obvious they are a set so only one label is really required.
 These burp cloths are for another gender surprise baby order but I thought I'd use the photo of them to show the labels sewn onto them...and show off my favourite gender neutral fabric I've found, the animal train fabric is so cute, but it's also a tad pricey so I'm not using it too often.
So that's one happy customer and hopefully in the next couple of months when the babies arrive it will be happy recipients of the gift sets too.

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