Thursday, 7 August 2014

Photo Frame Makeover

 In the Hobbycraft sale I found a half price frame (the same as the one pictured below) but it was a little worse for wear. It had chunks of paint missing and the acetate photo cover was scratched beyond use. I had to get the stock photo from the Hobbycraft website as I forgot to take one before I went about spraying the frame up.
 I decided the frame would be going in my newly decorated study so that was the perfect excuse to respray it blue. I chose the blue paint that I have already used on a couple of items in the study so that it blends nicely. After the paint had dried I went about scuffing the paint with a piece of white scotchbright to give the frame a bit of a shabby chic look to it. I also replaced the acetate photo cover for a new piece of acetate.
 Now all I need to do is pick a photo to put in the frame!


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