Saturday, 16 August 2014

Sewing Machine Pin Cushion

Using my rest days to start making some of the things I've had pinned on my pinterest boards for ages... I started a rather pesky sewing project and had pins everywhere when I suddenly remembered I had pinned a tutorial for making a sewing machine pin cushion to save the hassle of pins going everywhere. The tutorial can be found here.
Now I've got this nifty little pin cushion and I'm using it I really don't know how I managed so many sewing projects without it. Certainly wouldn't have finished some of my recent projects without having my pins to hand as easily, grabbing off the desk isn't ideal when you're trying to hold a seam together and just need that one extra pin while the fabric's going through the machine.
Quick and easy to make but oh so very useful, could have stuffed it with wire wool instead of cotton wool then it would have kept my pins sharp too but oh well. Just held on by a bow tied in the ribbon so I can move it round to the back of the machine or remove it if need be.

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