Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Chalkboard Makeover

 Sorry if you're all bored of seeing things I've made and upcycled for my newly decorated study..but here's another thing I've made...

I started off with a cheap, simple, plain wooden frame chalkboard.
  Then I painted it turquoise using the tester pot paint from the feature wall that I thought I wanted originally but changed my mind when I tested it on the wall. I found some turquoise stick on pearls during my tidy up so I decided to decorate 2 corners using 14 of the pearls. The dark blue butterflies were leftovers from a fascinator I did for a friend years ago. Most oif the things I've done for my study have had some darker blue on them so the butterflies help the chalkboard blend in with the rest of the room.
The finished chalkboard now hangs on the wall next to my desk so I chalk up reminders for myself. Love a quick, easy upcycle project...wondering what I can paint up next!


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