Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Drawer Update

Earlier this year I bought 4 door knobs from Anthropologie during a shopping trip to London with a friend. I planned to put them on the drawers in my study when I had finished painting it...well months after the painting was finished there were still no blue door knobs on the drawers.

Finally on a day off I decided to have a clear out in the study and found the door knobs hidden away, so they had to be fitted there and then!
I did it properly, I measured everything out and used tape to draw my centre point on for drilling the hole on each drawer.
A bit of fiddly around trimming the length of the bolt on the door knob and a lot of sawdust later the door knobs were fitted to now become drawer knobs.
I chose 2 different knobs so they could be alternated over the drawers. I must admit the white patterned one is definitely my favourite.
Thanks Anthropologie for giving my boring craft stash drawers a new lease of life in my newly decorated study. Now what should I get around to customising/upcycling next?


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