Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Alphabet Photography Presents

For christmas we decided to do a load more alphabet photography as presents for some of the family... sounded a lot easier in our heads than it actually turned out to be.

I refuse to use photos downloaded from the internet or borrowed from others so we had a lot of scouting around to do to find letters and come up with creative ways to make the letters we just couldn't find anywhere out on our travels.

On the back of each photo I write when and where we took the photo so the recipients can trace our travels. 
 The longest name to do... Alderson... made using letters from Windsor, High Wycombe, Amsterdam, Marbella and Peurto de la Duqeusa. Total nightmare with this one after having the frame specially made, had it couriered up at christmas so we didn't have to fly with it and the glass got smashed in transit! How hard is it to find replacement glass at such short notice a few days before christmas, thankfully a little local glazier saved us on that one...never again shall we use a courier for something like that no matter how well we package it they won't respect it!

 Would you believe the shortest word we chose to do was actually the hardest to source letters for?! As you can see we went creative for the 2 N's and made them using books and knives in our house. The A was even local too, so we never had to leave High Wycombe to make this one.

 Smith...made using letters from Amsterdam, Bourne End and Cookham. Nice easy size frame to get hold of too!

Ackroyd...made using letters from Windsor, Marbella, Amsterdam, Brooklands museum and High Wycombe.

These all went down a treat and have pride of place hanging in the houses of our family, been sent photos of them all in their new homes.

If anyone wants one of these made please contact me... I'm up for any challenge of words for any occasion.


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