Monday, 10 March 2014

Playing With Wooden Hearts

 I've had a couple hundred of wooden hearts to play with, my in-laws ran me a sheet of wood through their laser cutter and sent them down to me. I gave a few dozen away to mum and a friend for them to play with. Mum's been decopatching hers and my friend paints, stamps and decorates them.

After many hours spent sanding the hearts down I finally got to play with a few of them. I went with a few different techniques just to see what I can actually do with the hearts.

Started off simple and just painted them using some Dulux sample paint pots in colours that will go with my study when I finally get it decorated. Then I strung them on turquoise ribbon to create a hanging decoration from them.

 Just before christmas I picked up a wood burning iron in Lidl on special offer so I had to try it out on one of the wooden hearts. I started by using silver ink and SU Sassy Salutations stamp set to stamp myself an outline of Merry Christmas to draw over. The shapes around the edge are all detachable nibs that came with the iron. Not a perfect piece of wood burning but not bad for my first attempt.

Then I decided the spray can of chalkboard paint had to come out...surely the easiest and most versatile way to use the hearts. This one hangs from the door handle to the study.

 Maybe I'll try some paper or fabric decopatch on my next batch....

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