Friday, 14 March 2014

Dishawasher Scrabble Magnet

This super simple project has been sat on my Pinterest to do list for so long now, can't believe I never got round to doing something so quick and easy.

 I used some thick cardboard, a magnetic strip off an old, broken fridge magnet, scrabble tiles and a hot glue gun.
 Don't forget to lay the letters out in the correct orientation before you start glueing them down, the words have to be upside down to each other otherwise it won't work properly when u spin the magnet round.

Now there's no excuses for the dishwasher to not get put on when it's full or emptied when the cycles finished as the magnet pretty much says it all.

Got a few more scrabble tile project ideas in the pipeline too, think I'd better start looking for more surplus tiles to play with.

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